Friday, 21 May 2010

Horrockses Fashions by Christine Boydell

Summer is here! for a few days anyway, time to cast a clout and get into your cotton frocks. The timely arrival of Christine Boydell's book adds a new layer of enthusiasm to dressing vintage in summer which I sometimes find a little hard work.

Beautifully illustrated, the book looks at design and designers, retailers, manufacturing and the end consumer. there is also a section on the rise of mass market ready to wear, an area that has not been covered in much depth before now.

As I have mentioned before cotton really came into its own in the post war years, there were adverts for both specific companies and general manufacturing processes in many magazines. This spread is from British Picture News 1947.

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In Dreams Of Delight said...

Fascinating. Given the author's bibliography I'm hoping this book discusses Horrockses' design aesthetic which extends into every area of their publicity right down to fonts and finishes, like a refreshing spring rain after the horrors and privations of WWII. None more precise and none more British.

cboydell said...

It so nice to get so many positive comments about the book. There is now a 'Horrockses Dresses' group on Facebook for anyone interested. Don't forget the Fashion & Textile Museum exhibition opens on the 9th July
Chris Boydell

Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

I purchased the book a couple of months ago and it's fabulous. I was so pleased to read Chris's comments too. I love everything about this book from the masses of information to the photographs of employees on a day trip in the 1950's, each wearing their Horrockses frocks. Superb!

Thanks also for your previous posts which show additional images from Horrockses ads. :-)