Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Joyce of California Shoes 1940 - 1950

A decade of shoes from Joyce of California.

November 1940

September 1941

January 1942

May 1943

May 1944

January 1945

August 1946

December 1947

August 1948

October 1949

August 1950


Nan Turner said...

Hi Miss Rayne; I am writing my Master's Thesis about fashion restrictions during WWII. Several of the woman who I have interviewed talking about splurging and buying JOYCE shoes that were imported from the US during WWII in England. Your blog is the most information that I been able to find so far about Joyce Shoes. Thanks,
Nan Turner

Miss Rayne said...

Hi Nan
So glad it is of some use, Ii have some more pics that aren't posted, if you want to see them, email me via the Wickedlady collectables Shop


BlueAngel Adverts said...

Hi, I was researching Joyce Shoes and came across your site. I really enjoyed your adverts. If you are interested I have some in my on-line shop that you do not appear to have here.

Best wishes